A Rails Development Agency That Works for You

It was a warm summer night and over a frosty beverage in 2006 when founder Dan Pickett discussed with a friend how sad it was to see so many software projects fail. His friend said “Well, why don’t you fix that?”, and that is where it all started. He set out to start a web development agency that could do just that.

We’ve all seen software projects fail. Whether the importance of the project wasn’t clear to everyone involved or the technology fell short of expectations, some projects just never seem to conclude successfully. There are simply too many projects that succumb to problems like communication lapses, poor requirements, or unmaintainable code. It is through trying to help others recover from these failures that our passion for building and releasing products was born.

Since then, Dan and the LaunchWare development team have been determined to help those in need of custom Rails software. They’ve set their minds to writing better software with better processes so that business potential can be realized.

Our values mandate strong communication and well-built software, but our personal convictions are what will make your product shine. We want to ship your product, and we want to be your partner. We care about the products we build and the people we build them for.

Our Values - The LAUNCH code

  • Launch as quickly as possible
  • Agile methods yield better software
  • Understand the problem before proposing a solution
  • Necessitate value for features
  • Communication is paramount
  • Help others advance

Our Process - The WARE Cycle

  • Whittle down features
  • Architect and build
  • Release
  • Evaluate