Crowdly wants to change the way brands interact with their fans. Focusing on the Facebook platform, they were looking for someone to build a sound and scalable application quickly. They wisely partnered with LaunchWare, and the results were not short of fantastic.


  • Deep Facebook integration
  • Multitenant architecture allowing many partners to reside on the same system securely
  • Mobile web application leveraging BackboneJS and JQuery Mobile

“We’re always evolving our product, and LaunchWare has consistently helped us to meet our objectives. From important updates to legacy code, to scratch planning the development of core products, to regular iterations on a mature product, LaunchWare can do it all. We’ve had some challenging technical problems that LaunchWare was quickly able to overcome, but what set them apart as the right technology partner for us is the confidence I can place in their character, business sense, and advice.”

- Daniel Sullivan, Founder

From the Principal

Dan and his team at Crowdly are incredibly sharp. Our Agile approach to projects worked extremely well with Crowdly’s needs to adapt and grow with their customers and the Facebook platform. We’ve enjoyed not only delivering quality software for Crowdly, but also assisting them with product development advice and insight.

While Facebook integration used to be painful with FBML and other technologies, their OpenGraph API and OAuth improvements have made for a much more pleasurable development experience.