Fetch Storage

Fetch Storage set out to improve their customers’ experiences by allowing them to issue pickup and dropoff orders for items they want to store at the Fetch facilities. We helped them create a minimally viable product to test if something like this would be convenient for their customers.


  • Rich client with a drag-and-drop interface for placing items into and out of storage
  • Intelligent data model for categorizing and sizing typical household items
  • Basic order management for administrative staff

“The team at LaunchWare was able to take our early-stage vision of an online inventory manager and turn it into an excellent user-friendly application. With the help of Dan and his team, deliverables were quickly defined and executed within the agreed upon timeframe. The finished product is something we believe will take us to the next level in our industry.”

- Jesse Mastro, Owner

From the Principal

Lean Startup principles can apply to existing businesses as well as new ones. We worked with Jesse to test an assumption he had about improving his the experience he provides to his customers. What if there was a way for customers to request items for delivery or pickup online without the need to speak directly with a customer service agent?

Jesse has a great vision for his current business and beyond. It was pleasure to work with him on this project.