Gazelle is defining the ReCommerce space. They also have a very talented and capable development team. They simply needed to do more faster. We were asked to assist them with integrating Amazon Web Services and FedEx Web Services, among other strategic initiatives.


  • Released system for automating payments via Amazon Gift Cards on Demand
  • Released the AGCOD ruby gem with Gazelle support.
  • Implemented shipment tracking and return label generated with FedEx web services.

“Dan’s contributions to Second Rotation’s success have been invaluable. In addition to his strong core skills in software development and project management, Dan’s brings a well-rounded perspective to any business discussion as opposed to an engineering-focused point of view. In addition, his standards of excellence are extremely high and he will always work tirelessly and intelligently to meet his commitments.”

- Israel Ganot, President

From the Principal

Having been involved with Gazelle in a fulltime capacity, the product and organization has a special place in my heart and in our agency’s beginning. Continuing to provide them with great service and software in a contractual capacity was a joy and a privilege. Gazelle’s team is immensely talented and we’re always happy to help when they reach out.