Trainerfly was looking for a partner to help them test a theory. Could personal training and coaching be complemented with an online system to help improve compliance and performance? LaunchWare was there to test that theory efficiently and effectively.


  • Video uploading and integration with Viddler Web Services
  • Asset management for trainers and coaches to upload and distribute nonvideo assets
  • Collaborative interface for discussing sessions and exercises.

“What I really like about working with Dan is the way he balances choices about technology with solid business questions. Before we would make a decision about executing something technically, we always explored the implications for customers, users, and back-end process. There have been several occasions where he guided me down a lighter technical path, as opposed to just building something big and complex, to more deeply test business assumptions. His blend of technical knowledge and business sense is what made him stand out from other developers I initially interviewed.”

- Dan Kleiman, Founder

From the Principal

Internally, we’re students of Lean Startup philosophies and teachings. Dan truly grasped what it meant to release a minimially viable product. We were quickly able to get a product in front of Dan’s colleagues and customers so that he could investigate the feasability of a new line of business. That was our objective, and we exceeded expectations.