WhatNext partnered with us to deliver an online network for those touched by cancer. With the participation of the American Cancer Society, we built a system that matches users of similar diagnoses and experiences to the peers, resources, and answers they’re looking for.


  • Patent-pending, realtime, matching engine for connecting users to relevant peers. Intelligently leverages the open source search technology Sphinx.
  • A rich client experience timeline making it easy for users to share their experiences. The technology utilizes jQuery drag and drop functionality along with AJAX communication with the server.
  • Social features like following, messaging, and collaborative filtering
  • Integration with American Cancer Society’s Application Programming Interface (API)

From the Principal

Our cultural desire to be a true partner was really at work here. David is a patient and a wonderful client. It’s a unique experience to be writing software that is noticably helping people cope with Cancer.

The technology on this application is also very exciting. We’re doing some very unique things with both Ruby and JavaScript, providing for a rich user experience.

It has been an inspirational project for us in thanks to David’s conviction and determination to change the way people deal with Cancer and other diagnoses.