Rails Development Consulting

LaunchWare is a Web and Software Development Agency. We specialize in writing web and mobile web applications with Ruby on Rails and JQuery.

We can engage with you in many different ways. What remains consistent in our approach is our desire to see you and your team succeed, and to be transparent and clear about the work we’re doing for you.

Mission Control

Your Full-Service, Rails Development Team

Don’t let finding technical expertise get in the way of your business objectives! You can steer the ship and we can take care of what needs to be done behind the scenes.

You need a technology partner - someone who can take your software projects from conception to launch. Our objective is take the complexities of building solid software off of your plate so that you can focus on running your business.

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Launch Plan

Your Product Roadmap

You need more than an idea to make your product real. We can help you better define what’s needed to make your software concept a reality.

A great product requires a fair amount of planning and refinement. Start your design and development effort off right with an initial set of user stories and wireframes. These items will help you to better understand the size and complexity of your project.

Our goal is to provide you with a set of well-defined user stories and wireframes so that you can effectiviely communicate your product idea to developers and designers.

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Systems Check

A Code Review of Your Existing Software

Let’s pop the hood and see how things are running! We can review your current software and let you know what the internals look like, without making your head spin with technical mumbo-jumbo. We can also evaluate how maintainable your architecture will be given what your future requirements and plans are.

Our objective is to give you a human-friendly assessment of what your software looks like, and to identify any potential trouble spots that might get in the way of achieving your goals.

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Pair Programming and Mentoring for Your Rails Developers

The best developers are the ones who never stop learning. We can coach and collaborate with your development team to help them become more productive.

Your team is great and has big potential! Our objective is to make them shine. We’ll collaborate on completing features and building better, more maintainable software.

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Rescue Mission

Better Software and Project Management to Get Your Product Back on Track

Are you in danger of missing your objectives due to consistent software problems and delays?

We can help! Let us get a picture of your system and provide clear recommendations on how to get your software back into shape. We’ll identify what’s not working in your software and process, and we’ll help you to work the kinks out. Getting you and your plans back on track is our goal!

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