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Software development that helps your organization reach its goals

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Creating custom software should be exhilarating, not exasperating

Turning your vision into reality can be overwhelming, and partnering with the wrong software development team can leave you feeling stressed out and frustrated. What’s worse, you could invest a massive amount of time and money without a working product to show for it at the end of it all.

When it comes to your software, the stakes are high. Your project should have its chance to make lives better. That's why our custom development team collaborates with our clients to make sure their software solves the right problems and that they build the right products.

Go from stuck and stalled out to launched

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Get a proven and transparent plan to take you where you want to go

You have a vision, and you need a partnership that can bring a clear path to get your software launched.

Get the clarity you need, every step of the way, with a partner that prioritizes communicating.

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Skip the technical guesswork with an experienced team

You don’t have time to experiment with talent that might meet your needs.

Work with a partner that brings decades of software development experience.

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Scale easily without hiring and managing engineers

You need flexibility and room to grow, without the typical HR hassle.

Engage with a partner that can adapt to your organization’s changing needs.

Work with a technology partner, not a feature factory

Most software development consultancies leave you holding the bag when it comes to the hardest part of your project: defining what needs to be built. They’ll come into your project, take your input at face value, and interpret it as a specification. Then, they’ll disappear for a few months, and come back with a product that is riddled with bugs and doesn’t resemble what you requested.

We think that’s a great way to build the WRONG product. Our team has a proven track record of working in partnership with you to ensure we build the RIGHT product, together. Equipped with a process we’ve deployed successfully with dozens of clients, we’ll identify what you need, clarify what we plan to build, and we’ll deliver usable software every other week for you to review.

  • A proven process
  • Decades of tech experience
  • Regular review and adaptation
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A partnership built for you

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Engineering Leaders

Seeking business-minded product development teams

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Product Managers

Looking for additional development expertise

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Technology Executives

Seeking a proven process and team with a track record of launching remarkable software

Ship websites faster

Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part. That’s why we make it easy for us to begin the journey together.

Understand the technical strength of your product

Code Audit

Even seasoned software teams can encounter technical roadblocks that slow down innovation. Our Code Audit Engagement is designed to shine a light on those hidden challenges.

Our Code Audit process thoroughly explores your codebase and analyzes the processes and the team behind it. It’s more than just identifying what’s wrong. It’s about understanding what you have and creating a strategy for where you want to go.

Following our in-depth assessment, you're presented with a comprehensive report—highlighting the bottlenecks and also offering solutions, starting with the most critical areas first. With these insights, you’ll gain clarity, recapture missed opportunities, and set a definitive course for success.

Define what your product needs to do

Flight Plan

Business leaders brim with innovative software ideas. But it’s not easy to turn a visionary idea into something your team can efficiently execute.

Enter our Flight Plan engagement—how smart leaders map out their software development journey.

Here’s how it works:
  1. We kick things off with our ‘Jobs to Be Done Workshop’, honing in on your target audience and the unique solutions your product promises them.
  2. Our seasoned team then crafts intuitive wireframes, creates clear user stories, and lays out a strategic project plan.
  3. This blueprint not only illuminates the path for the initial iterations but ensures your software resonates with the audience it’s meant for.

For organizations wanting to make the vision for their software a reality, the Flight Plan becomes an indispensable guide, ensuring a confident and impactful software launch.

Additional velocity for your existing development team

Staff Augmentation

Too much work and too little time? No one wins when your engineering teams get stretched thin.

LaunchWare’s Staff Augmentation is not just getting an extra set of hands. It’s about enhancing your team’s capabilities. By seamlessly integrating our skilled professionals into your environment, we don’t just fill the gap – we become an intrinsic part of your team that’s busy getting things shipped.

We’ll pull from our team of senior and junior developers to make sure we match you with the right people for your project. Then, we’ll immerse ourselves in understanding your codebase, your unique processes, and the milestones you're aiming for. Together, we ensure that your projects not only stay on track but also achieve excellence, every single time.

Done for you software development

Custom Development

Transforming an idea into a tangible software solution requires more than just vision. It demands the expertise, dedication, and finesse of a seasoned development team.

That’s where LaunchWare’s Custom Development comes in. Imagine harnessing the collective experience of a team that has successfully launched dozens of software products. With us, every phase of the journey—from nascent design stages, through development, all the way to triumphant deployment—is meticulously catered for.

The best part? You bypass the hurdles of recruitment, hiring, and team management. No more paying hefty recruiter fees or trying to hire talented developers in a competitive job market. Simply entrust your idea with us, and together, we’ll transform your idea into a successful digital reality.

Build Your Application with More Momentum and Less Stress

Request your launch call

Let’s hop on a call to discuss what challenges your facing, and how we can help. It takes 30 minutes, and we’ll clearly identify next steps to advance your project.

Revive your project

Together, we’ll identify the most important next steps to get your project back on track. Any big or complex endeavor can be broken down into small steps, so we’ll collaboratively map out the all-important first leap.

Reach your goals

When your product solves the right problems and is built to scale, the sky is the limit for where it will take your organization.

Is your project set up for success?

Every technology leader wants their projects to succeed. But too many don’t.

That’s why we took what we’ve learned about successful projects and created the Software Success Scorecard. By answering just 21 quick questions, you’ll see if you’re set up for success – or what you need to change for you to reach your goals.