BarCamp Boston 2: What Should I Talk About?

So BarCamp Boston 2 is set for March 17th in Cambridge. I presented a Ruby on Rails talk at BarCamp Manchester a few month back, but Rajiv is already doing a talk on that next month.

There's so much out there in terms of what to talk about. I was thinking about doing a talk on marketing - but I'm not a marketer - in fact I'm developing my sales and marketing skills through reading. I figured it would be a good exercise to actually go through a presentation on it.

What about development tools? I was thinking about selecting a few tools like TextMate, SeleniumIDE, Subversion, and FireBug and doing a presentation on how they make me a better developer.

One of my other ideas was presenting on the rise of new web design patterns. Tagging interfaces, modal dialogs, expanding/collapsing menus, etc. I could also touch upon using these patterns and AJAX practically instead of the rising problem of overuse.

All kinds of great things to talk about, but no real compelling topic. Any thoughts?