Friday's Software Enlightenment #2: Product Management Edition

  • Bezos on Business and Zappos - A MUST WATCH - this was perhaps the highlight of my week courtesy of The Ted. I think Jeff really nails it on what makes businesses so successful today: you must obsess over your customers. I just found the talk really inspiring and informative. Take the 8 minutes to watch and learn from one of the best entrepreneurs of our time.
  • - This looks like great screencasting software. Screencasts are an effective way to show your users what they can do with your application. They're also becoming quite popular learning tools for developers.
  • DHH Talks to FLOSS - David Heinemeier Hansson talks on a popular and well-produced podcast on how he got into development. He talks a lot about development mentalities and the need for establishing conventions. While I don't always agree with David, I related to him in a lot of ways specifically around his business motivations overpowering his development aspirations. I found it really interesting.
  • - I've been waiting for something like this for a very long while. Affordable, simple and effective usability testing really is just about observing user behaviors and listening to what they're saying as they navigate. I haven't tried this service yet, but I plan to do so in the near future.