Launches! Sell Cell Phones and Laptops to us!

Fast and Easy Selling. That's what we set out to make happen last quarter. Well I've been very busy over the last few months. I'm very proud to present The team has been working incredibly hard, and the development effort shows in the quality of the release. We've relaunched the service under a new brand (we were formerly under the guise of Second Rotation), and I can't describe how pleased I am with the results.

I talk about it in depth on this blog - what makes a good Engineering team? After this effort, I would say balance, efficiency, and determination. All the skills of the team really came into play here. The group all went above and beyond to make sure that this release was a huge success. I'd like to thank Thos Niles, our product manager, Jason Wadsworth, our architect, Graham Babbitt, our front end developer, Catherine Headen, our graphic designer, Brian Kaney, our development consultant, Kevin Kardian, our data architect, and James McElhiney, our CTO. Their efforts exceeded all expectations.

We're currently hiring and we're always on the lookout for solid developers. Right now, we're focused on finding a project manager and a release engineer. Take it from me, this is a stellar group to be involved with.

There's so much learning in how this project went. When things calm down a bit, I'll be sure to post more about the specific knowledge gained from a development process perspective.