Great Trac Shortcuts with Quicksilver and Firefox

So I use Trac a lot. I love their search mechanism - you can easily pull up a ticket, changeset, or report by typing #(Ticket Number), [(Changeset number)], or {(Report Number)} respectively. Many times, I'll get a list of ticket numbers to run through and opening them all can be a pain.

With the help of Quicksilver and its Firefox plug-in, I'm able to get into Trac extremely quickly.

Here's how I did it.

  1. Install the Firefox plug-in for Quicksilver
  2. Create a quick search bookmark for your trac site. Use something short like "trc" as a keyword. The location should be something like https://<your trac url>/search?q=%s&wiki=on&changeset=on&ticket=on. Make sure you place it in the "Quick Searches" folder.
  3. In quicksilver you should now be able to type "trc" (or whatever keyword you set in step 2) > tab to "Search For" > tab again > enter your search query.
  4. When you press enter your search results should come right up in Firefox.
Hope you find it helpful. It saves me a lot of time and aggravation.