How Not to Sell - Particularly, How Not to Sell Recruitment Services

We've considered utilizing staffing firms in our constant search for talented additions to our team. Staffing Firms call on occasion and we're always inclined to be cordial and leave the door open. Unfortunately, some firms just go beyond aggressive sales tactics. Here are some things not to do from a client's perspective.

Building a Relationship Based on Trust Starts When a Lead is Qualified

If a prospect tells you that you'll reach out to them in a week or two, do your best to have the confidence that they will call. When it goes a few days after the expected date, then feel free to follow up. I personally get annoyed if you call the next day to follow up when I communicated that we'd reach out in a week or so.

Clients Don't Want to be Sold

If we did opt to work with a recruiter, it would be about establishing a relationship and not about engaging right away or the breadth of your offering. As a client, I want a staffing firm that would be interested in the culture of the organization and what the job description entails - not a firm that wants to get interviewees on the calendar with an incredible sense of urgency. With people, especially as it relates to hiring, fast is slow.

Have Clear Fee Structures

This is pretty self explanatory, but if a client has to ask about your fee structure, then your proposal is unclear. Keep it simple, and keep the client in mind.