Rails Routing Silliness

  map.resources :organizations do |organization|
    organization.resources :members, :member => {:activate => :get}
  map.resources :organizations,
    :has_many => :members

There's a lot of debate going on around these two blocks of code. Why am I opting for the top instead of the bottom? Because there's no documentation for the bottom! I have no idea how to add a custom, member action to the has_many style of routing.

One thing is starting to annoy me about the latest revisions to Rails. Rails developers are very opinionated and want you as a fellow developer to follow recent conventions, but how can I follow a convention if there's no documentation to support it?

Of course, I can't really complain because I haven't contributed to the documentation. My point is that if DHH and the rest of the core team have strong opinions about recent changes, they should put more of an emphasis on revising documentation to get people using the right conventions.