launches! Sell us your old gadget!

I've been away for a while but it's been with good reason. We've been working hard on launching, and the company is really excited about starting it up.

Do you have an old digital camera, camcorder, GPS Device, Cell Phone, or MP3 Player that's just collecting dust in your closet? Sell it to us.

Of course, we built the site out using the Ruby On Rails. It uses some cool open source projects like GBarcode and Shipping.

Launching has been a really fun project for me. It has been a great opportunity to refine not only my programming skillset and architectural ability, but also my XHTML and CSS skills. I think we've done a really good job of maximizing our capabilities with the Rails framework, and there's a lot more in store architecturally.

The office has been buzzing with activity, we've picked up a lot of great press (Gizmodo, Yahoo, and CNet's Perhaps the most most exciting exposure was Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht (Revision3) digging our site on CNET's "Best of the Web Feature" (It's about 34 minutes in)

What do you think of the site? I'd love to hear your feedback and the business would be all the better for it. Would you sell us your old electronics?