What do I do?

I've been developing some content and marketing material for my site. I found myself thinking long and hard about what exactly I offer to my customers. It occurred to me that I've never really clarified what it is that I do.

This is a lot of reflection and brainstorming, but I figured I would share so that you could see my thought process.

I develop Web Applications. I'm a programmer. I'm a solution developer. I engineer software.Fundamentally, I develop practical software and IT solutions. What does that mean to my customers, though? I make their lives easier with the help of a computer. I harness the power of a tool that has limitless bounds. Still, how do I REALLY define it? It either gets too technical or too hokey right from the start.

I build intelligent software for organizations. Now we're getting somewhere. This goes back to the very way I branded my company. I provide enlightenment to organizations and their people. I provide a mechanism for recording and obtaining useful information that allows for better decisions. I determine the need and fulfill it with a user-friendly interface that gets the job done. Again, this is beating down a path that is too technical and hokey.

How do I consolidate this into an attractive and coherent thought?

I build intelligent software that provides organizations with the information they need in order to make smart decisions. I study the need. I build the solution. I then evaluate the solution's ability to fit the need.

Finally - this has value! My customer can understand it and it's not marketing garbage. Does this define my services succinctly and appropriately? Does it intrigue my potential customers to find out more? Only time will tell I guess.