Create a Time Budget

Ever feel like there's not enough time in the day? From previous endeavors, I've learned that you simply can't commit to something if you don't have the time. I found that creating a time budget was a great way to determine how many hours a week that I can devote to developing my business.

Be realistic! It's better even to ide on the side of pessimism. Bear in mind your primary objectives: do you want to prioritize your familiy? Your career? The key is to try to make sure your allocation of time matches up with how you want to spend it! For example, I spend 42.5 hours per week on a job does not contribute to my long term goals. This exercise told me I need to take steps to reduce time at work so that I can spend those hours on developing my business. All in all, it puts things into perspective. There is enough time in the day - so long as you're spending it wisely.

I've attached my spreadsheet to help you get started.  Good luck!