Welcome to Enlight Solutions' blog. For about a week now, I've been developing a business that is going to specialize in software development and consulting. In addition, I'll be working on a pet project called connectyour.org (there's nothing there yet).

Dan Pickett

This blog will be a resource for everyone interested in entrepreneurship. I'm setting out on a new venture. This blog will serve as a journal of my exploits. How will I start? What decisions will I make along the way? What resources will I find to get the job done? All of this and more will be documented here as I progress through the trials and tribulations of starting a new business. If I'm successful, it will be a great history of how I developed my business. If I'm not, I hope that I can help to educate everyone setting out on their startup path.

I'm hoping that a community of aspiring entrepreneurs will begin to grow out of my discussion. Your feedback, comments, and ideas are always welcome here.