Focus on What Matters - Manage applications with


Do you find yourself checking your email when you should be coding? Reading Reddit while your test suite runs? Finally, comes an app that is off to a great start when it comes to focusing on the task you're performing. Concentrate!

You can set up profiles based on the context of your action. My contexts are set up as follows:


  • Sets Skype status to "Away"
  • Sets Adium status to "Away"


* Opens up [MarsEdit]( * Opens up [Things]( - I often track blogging ideas there * Closes my GMail [Prism]( Instance * Closes [Tweetie]( * Sets Adium status to Away as "Writing" * Sets Skype Status to Away


* Launches [MacVim]( * Launches [Gitx]( * Launches [iTerm]( * Launches [Lighthouse Keeper]( - Bug Tracking * Launches [PivotalTracker]( Prism Instance - Story/Feature Tracking * Launches []( - Campfire Client * Launches [RallyClock]( Prism Instance - time tracking * Closes Tweetie * Closes GMail Prism Instance * Opens [Ruby on Rails API Documentation]( in Firefox * Opens []( in Firefox * Opens [JQuery Docs]( in Firefox * Sets Adium status to Away as "Coding" * Sets Skype status to Away

Conference Call

* Launches Google Calendar Prism Instance * Launches GMail Prism Instance * Launches Skype * Sets Adium status to Away as "On a Call"


Getting Things Done is a methodology for organizing tasks and projects. I practice it using the following workflow:

  • Opens Firefox
  • Opens
  • Opens VoodooPad - my personal wiki
  • Opens Jott in Firefox - when I'm on the road, I will call in actions as they pop into my head. Jott isn't great at transcribing my messages but I can re-listen to them when I'm doing my weekly review, etc.
  • Opens my RescueTime Dashboard - I use this to analyze productivity and see what apps I'm using heavily


* Opens Firefox * Opens Gmail Prism Instance * Opens Tweetie * Sets Adium Status to "Away" * Opens [Google Analytics]( in Firefox * Opens my [Fat Free CRM]( instance in Firefox * Opens up the [WWR Forums]( in Firefox

I will continue to refine this list and add to it. Having used it for over a week, I can say has helped me become more efficient and focused when I need to switch contexts. There are some problems with it and Vimperator I think, but overall it has become a de facto tool. I hope you find it useful!