TripTracker Alpha Launch - Track Your Business Mileage

The 2009 Rails Rumble was a huge event! I submitted a solo project this year for the 48 hour contest.

TripTracker was born. Small Business Owners: Did you know that the IRS will credit your taxes $0.55 for every mile you travel for business purposes?

As a small business owner myself, I realized how much I've missed in tax deductions by not recording these trips. It was just too much of a hassle. Now, with TripTracker, it's a snap! I enter a few saved locations, and it does all the dirty work of calculating the driving distance for me. Now, I can just let TripTracker tell me how much I should deduct on my taxes.

Check it out! I hope you find it useful. Also, be sure check out the rest of the rumble applications - there were some fantastic submissions this year!